No one goes into a marriage expecting divorce as the end result. Therefore, if you are facing the loss of your marriage, you might find yourself struggling to move on after what once was a promising union has ended in divorce.

Thankfully divorce counseling, like the services offered at Arkansas Relationship Counseling Center, can help you heal, along with the following advice from our counselors:

Move Forward

Part of the healing process is learning to move forward after your marriage ends. This means you don’t stay in place, pinning away at what once was. Instead, you make a concerted effort to daily make progress towards healing.

Note Your Magnificence

After your divorce, you might be feeling less than loved and cherished. This is especially true if your spouse decided to leave you and you weren’t completely on board with your marriage’s demise. However, whether you believe it or not, you are magnificent and are worthy of love. Take time to write out a list categorizing your unique gifts. Look through it regularly if you start to feel down. If you have a hard time with this task due to how you feel about yourself, ask a close friend or a family member to help you with this list.

Laugh at Yourself

If you are thrust unexpectedly into single parenthood or have found yourself burdened down with additional responsibilities after your divorce, the last thing you probably want to do is laugh at yourself. You need to do just that, though. Understand that things will go wrong, and life will be different and it’s okay.


Holding on to not forgiving, even if it’s deserved, only hurts you, not your former spouse. You simply must forgive in order to successfully move on and begin to heal after the end of your marriage. It is importantly not only to forgive your former spouse, but also yourself. To withhold forgiveness will only prevent you from moving on.

Understand Grieving is Important

It’s okay to grieve. You had an idea of what your life would look like when you married your spouse and your marriage ending prematurely most certainly was not expected. Therefore, it’s okay to grieve what was lost, and to grieve over what could have been.

Know That Healing After a Divorce is a Transition

You can expect healing to take some time. Not forever, though. Furthermore, by getting help through the process, you can make it smoother and quicker overall.

Divorce counseling can help you learn how to move on after divorce. Whether your divorce was mutually agreed upon between you and your partner, it was your idea or there’s alone, the process of healing takes time and effort. With the help of the professionals at Arkansas Relationship Counseling Center, you will get through this difficult process easier and transition towards the other side of healing much quicker. Contact us today at (501) 222-3463 to learn more about our divorce counseling services and how we can help you heal.

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