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When it comes to a healthy long-term relationship, marital counseling can play a crucial role as it helps you and your partner obtain the four keys to long-term success, among other benefits. We proudly offer this vital service to all couples at the Arkansas Relationship Counseling Center.

Ensuring that your long-term relationship is healthy and growing is not always easy. After all, the longer people are together, the more apt problems are to crop up and become areas of contention. Thankfully, though, the presence of arguments or conflicts does not necessarily mean you have to give up on a relationship in which you have invested your time and effort. By going through relationship counseling, you can refresh your relationship, ushering health and happiness back into a stagnant or tumultuous relationship.

What is a Relationship Counselor?

A relationship counselor is a licensed therapist who has specialized training in family relationships. Most of these individuals have graduate or even postgraduate degrees that distinctly qualify them to guide couples through relationship therapy or marital counseling. They can help you as you seek to accomplish the four things that determine the success of your long-term relationship.

What Aspects Determine Long-Term Relationship Success?

The following are four elements that correlate with long-term relationship success:

1. Trust:

Without trust in a relationship, there is little else. Can you depend on your partner and can they depend on you? The answer to these questions will determine if you trust them and if they trust you. If trust has been lost, relationship counseling can seek to rebuild this crucial element through various therapies.

2. Communication:

Another key element of any successful long-term relationship is communication. Without it, you and your partner are merely two individuals who only occasionally interact, like two ships passing in the night. You are not truly partners. Being able to communicate is vital to ensuring a relationship is healthy and growing.

3. Support:

Your partner should be your biggest cheerleader in life, and you should be your partner’s. If contempt is present in the relationship, either by one or both parties, this is the single biggest predictor of divorce, according to University of Washington’s Dr. John Gottman. Support is key.

4. Conflict Resolution:

All relationships have some areas of conflict. That is simply a given. Big problems only occur when a couple is unable to resolve this conflict. Martial counseling and relationship counselors can help immensely when it comes to this aspect of a relationship. Relationship counselors can walk couples through their areas of conflict, and offer healthy ways of resolving them.

The four elements above are some of the most important aspects of any healthy long-term relationship. If you are struggling with any one of them or one not mentioned, you would likely benefit from the relationship counseling provided at the Arkansas Relationship Counseling Center. Contact us today by calling (501)-222-3463 to begin getting the help and guidance you need to create a healthier relationship today. Do not wait another minute.

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