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Marriage is a beautiful thing, but it takes serious effort and commitment from both people in the relationship to make it work. Whether you are dealing with infidelity or are just going through a rough patch, online marriage counseling can help. Online couples counseling sessions are a healthy alternative for couples who don't want a face-to-face meeting with a therapist or who, due to Covid-19, simply can’t. It might be just what you need to save your relationship and make it stronger.

Online Marriage Counseling

What Is Online Marriage Counseling?

Online marriage counseling is a popular way of conducting couples counseling sessions virtually over the internet for married and committed couples. All you need for online counseling is a good internet connection and a PC, tablet, or large-screened phone.

Are you having reservations about online couples counseling? We have listed some pros and cons to help you decide.

Pros Of Online Marriage Counseling

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, therapists worldwide were forced to develop creative ways to conduct their sessions. Since then, the demand for telehealth marriage counseling services has increased in popularity. According to, in the first quarter of 2020, the number of telehealth visits increased by 50%.

There are many benefits to opting for online counseling sessions over a face-to-face meeting. We have listed some below.


Online counseling makes therapists more accessible than ever before. This means that people who usually wouldn't physically go to a therapist can now do so. For example, someone with a physical limitation wouldn't attend a face-to-face counseling session meeting because the therapist's office might not be set up for disabled access.

Comfort And Familiarity

Going for relationship counseling sessions for the first time can be a daunting experience. Some people put it off for long because it's hard to admit that they need help. That's why if you were to have your online session from your sofa, it might take off the pressure. Speaking to a therapist from your home might feel more like catching up with a friend.


If you live in a remote town that's far from the city where everything is, commuting to the therapist's office might be inconvenient. That's why online marriage counseling sessions can help you avoid the long commute. It also means you won't need to worry about being charged a fee for arriving late. Lastly, having online sessions opens your scheduling to stay the course and focus on more important things like strengthening your relationship.

Increased Affordability

Online therapy is more affordable than traditional therapy. This is because therapists who only treat couples online have lower overhead costs. In addition, as an online patient, you won't be charged for office space and other amenities you might get after a face-to-face therapy session.

Cons Of Online Marriage Counseling

While online marriage counseling is an excellent tool for struggling couples to access the help they need, there are still some downsides. Although some of these cons might not deter you from opting for online therapy over a face-to-face meeting, it's still worth considering.

Privacy Concerns

If you are receiving online affair counseling, you probably won't want others to know about it. Privacy issues are the biggest concern for people who opt for online counseling sessions over a face-to-face meeting.

How to combat this: As the information is being transmitted online, you need to ensure that you have good antivirus software installed to defend against hackers. Reputable antivirus software will protect your data from getting into the wrong hands. Your therapist should also be using a stable, reputable video chat site that enables maximum security.

Body Language

Body language assessment is an essential aspect of couples counseling that a therapist uses to learn about each patient. It gives the therapist a clear understanding of your thoughts and feelings outside of what you are willing to verbalize. That's why the therapist needs to see you clearly as you communicate and use hand gestures and facial expressions in the process. They will use all these things and more to understand you better and help you express your feelings to your partner when you struggle.

How to combat this: Use video calling instead of phone calls to your therapist. It would help if you also opted to use a laptop instead of a phone for video calls and place it on a table so that your therapist can see you from face to shoulder.

Temperamental Internet Connection

It happens whenever you have an important meeting. When you need it the most, your Wi-Fi connection lets you down. If you already live in the suburbs where the internet connection isn't all that strong, to begin with, you might need to have a backup plan. If you don't have a plan B, you will have no choice but to wait until the internet service returns before having your counseling session.

How to combat this: Invest in a good mobile internet service such as a dongle to use if your Wi-Fi service fails.

Background Noise

Even when you have a good internet connection, background noise can cause severe disruptions to a therapy session. For example, sometimes the kids might be running around and making noise, and it could prove challenging to get them to settle down. We all know how kids can be, and in cases like this, doing a counseling session online might not be convenient. You may be better off going for a face-to-face meeting instead.

How to combat this: You can prepare ahead of time and get someone to take the kids out while you have your online marriage counseling session.

To get the most out of your couples counseling sessions, you first need to be comfortable sharing your marital problems with a therapist. Online marriage counseling is an excellent option for couples who dread a face-to-face meeting with a therapist. Speaking to a therapist from the comfort of your home might help you feel better about the whole process.

An Online Marriage Counseling Service That Works

Has your marriage hit the rocks? Talking to an online therapist at Arkansas Relationship Counseling Center can help you get back on track and build a solid and lasting relationship with your spouse. So, don't delay; book an appointment for online relationship counseling sessions today!

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