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A child or teen’s inability to process common family therapy issues like an adult makes it more difficult for them to deal with any problems. That is where a family therapist at Arkansas Relationship Counseling Center can step in and make a difference in a family through our family therapy sessions.

A family therapist can work wonders as you, your spouse, and your children learn how to process family problems together as a unit. You should never feel ashamed that your family needs this type of help. After all, even good families have problems. Read on to learn more about what family therapy is, the common issues family therapy addresses, and how these sessions can make your family life more peaceful and healthy.

What is Family Therapy?

Family therapy is a special type of counseling that addresses issues pertaining to family function. Therapy sessions treat the family as a complete unit and seek to help each member learn to cope with various issues in a healthier manner, thus creating an emotionally stable and healthy home environment.

Most Common Family Therapy Issues

At Arkansas Relationship Counseling Center, we see all sorts of problems and issues. However, the following are the most common family therapy issues we address in family therapy sessions:

  • Communication Breakdown: Communication is vital for any family. Without it, spouses and kids do not communicate among each other and this can lead to even greater problems. Family therapy works with each family member to reestablish a line of communication between parents and their teens or children and then among parents as well.
  • Financial Difficulties: Economic changes within the family can cause a lot of problems and unrest. For example, a stay-at-home mom might be forced back into the job market because of a financial need. This can cause panic and even resentment in a child and/or a spouse. Family therapy will give you and your children coping strategies to deal with the anxiety and stress that often goes along with financial issues.
  • Anger Problems: A home should be a solace of peace, not a place full of rage. When children live in a home where anger is commonplace, they can feel unsafe. This can eventually lead to additional problems. Family therapy sessions address anger issues when they are present in the home and look for ways to restore a sense of tranquility to the home.

What Could Be Involved in Family Therapy?

Each session is of course altered to best address the need at hand. However, according to KidsHealth, the following could be aspects of a typical therapy visit:

  • Talking: Of course, talking an issue out is often involved in a family session. Children and teens need to know they have a voice and their thoughts matter.
  • Activities: Depending on the age of the child, activities might be a good way to get them to open up during a family session.
  • Problem Solving: This element is especially applicable when helping teens and older kids. During problem solving, a therapist will encourage a child or teen to walk through a typical issue and together create strategies to solve them or avoid triggers.

At Arkansas Relationship Counseling Center, we not only allow you to bring your children or teens to family therapy- we encourage it for the above reasons. Contact us today by calling (501)-222-3463 to learn more about our life-changing family sessions and family therapists.

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