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Online Counseling

When you and your spouse are experiencing problems, counseling sessions can help. If one or both of you have busy schedules and have a hard time setting up in-person sessions or if you prefer more confidential and convenient sessions, Arkansas Relationship Counseling Center offers online counseling for clients in Little Rock and Bryant. 

What Is Online Therapy?

Online therapy sessions are held electronically rather than face to face. This makes it possible for couples with busy schedules or those with health issues to benefit from counseling without having to come into our office. We offer online counseling via email, video sessions, journaling or live chat for your convenience. If you’re concerned about privacy, please keep in mind that our online therapy is done using portals that are highly encrypted. This adds another layer of privacy and confidentiality to your marriage therapy sessions. 

Benefits of Online Counseling

Online counseling provides a number of important benefits for couples who are going through a rough time. This type of counseling offers a practical solution for spouses who work different schedules and have trouble finding time for in-person counseling. Online therapy is also convenient for those who have difficulty getting around due to medical conditions or a lack of transportation. Some couples are also more comfortable going through counseling sessions with an online therapist instead of meeting with a therapist face to face. This increased comfort can help make therapy more helpful for couples when one or both spouses are reluctant about discussing their problems and their marriage in person.

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Is Online Therapy Effective?

Online therapy can be effective for couples who are invested in working through the problems in their marriage. Although you and your spouse are not meeting with your therapist in person, you can still gain valuable insight into your marriage, along with helpful advice on handling conflict and disagreements. At Arkansas Relationship Counseling Center, we give you and your spouse the option to choose which type of online therapy would work best for you, such as video sessions or email. You can also set up appointments with our online therapist at your convenience. 

If you would like more information about online therapy for couples in Little Rock and Bryant, please contact Arkansas Relationship Counseling Center at 501-222-3463. We can help you determine which type of online counseling is most suitable for your situation and set up an appointment for you.


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