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Affair Recovery Counseling

When one spouse cheats on the other, the resulting hurt and distrust can cause severe damage. However, if you and your spouse are both committed to rebuilding your marriage, you can do so with the help of affair recovery counseling. At Arkansas Relationship Counseling Center, we offer this type of counseling for couples in the Bryant and Little Rock areas. 

What Is Affair Recovery Counseling?

Despite the hurt that affairs cause, it’s possible for couples to work through these difficulties and make their marriage stronger. Therapy after an affair involves having both spouses be open and honest when discussing their marriage and the problems they’ve been having. Although the faithful spouse is not responsible or at fault for the affair, it’s important for both spouses to take a close look at what went wrong in their marriage. Understanding why you and your spouse grew apart emotionally can help you work through these issues and reduce the risk of having an affair happen again. 

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What to Expect from Affair Recovery Counseling

How do you fix a relationship after cheating? It takes a lot of time and effort, as well as a strong commitment to being faithful and honest with each other. When you and your spouse work with one of our marriage therapists after an affair, you can both expect to explore your marriage in-depth in order to discover the issues that you have been struggling with. Our therapist will work with you on reestablishing trust and respect in your marriage, which are important elements of a healthy relationship. Affairs can cause considerable damage to these elements, but working with our therapist can correct that. 

Keep in mind that affair recovery counseling is not a quick process. You’ll both be working through your own issues, as well as the issues between you as a couple. As long as both of you are dedicated to strengthening your relationship and working on growing close again, you can recover and enjoy a healthy and happy marriage. Our marriage therapist will help you both develop the tools you need to keep your marriage in good condition after you’ve gone through affair recovery counseling. 

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