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Infidelity is one of the biggest causes of divorce in the United States. While most couples assume that cheating is the end of a relationship, the truth is that there are ways to fix broken trust and move forward towards a brighter future as a strong couple.

Finding out your partner is cheating can cause a wave of emotions. Hurt, anger, and sadness are all normal reactions as you try to pick up the pieces of broken trust. But before you make any decisions about breaking up, it is important to seek outside help to improve communication. Undergoing therapy after an affair is often different than individual sessions or even those designed for happy couples. The process includes looking at your overall dynamic as a pair and determining how to move forward together.

How Do You Fix a Relationship After Cheating?

There is no simple answer for fixing a relationship after cheating, but it can be done. Affair recovery counseling involves both parties understanding how they grew apart emotionally and to learn how to reduce the risk of infidelity and broken trust in the future. It also requires the faithful spouse to take a challenging look at their role in relationship problems even though the incident was not their immediate fault.

The Role of Honesty in Repairing Your Relationship

Honesty often plays the biggest role in repairing your relationship through therapy for infidelity. Both parties have to be willing to discuss the act of cheating, the emotions leading up to it, and their visions for the future. Furthermore, both parties must learn to continue to actively tell the truth moving forward to help continue progress in the relationship and prevent future incidents from occurring.

General Tips for Healing After an Affair

Besides seeking therapy as a couple, there are several things you can do to help ensure your relationship thrives and the hurt of cheating subsides:

  • Remember It Is Not an Immediate Process: While the actual act of infidelity might have been short-lived, it is important to remember the healing process takes time. Be gentle with yourself and understand you might endure a range of emotions for a long time.
  • Take Care of Yourself: Many couples become consumed in the pain associated with cheating and forget self-care. Remember to do the things that make you happy, even if it is something as simple as drinking a cup of coffee, reading a good book, or binge watching a favorite television show.
  • Keep Sight on the Future: What happened yesterday is not necessarily what will happen in the future. Remember to have hope for the future and the path you are both on as a healing couple.
  • Consider Individual Therapy Sessions: Another option is to schedule individual therapy sessions. While working through your feelings with your partner, it can also often be beneficial to explore some of your own thoughts and emotions.

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