Learn how online therapy can be beneficial for you and your spouse as you seek to strengthen your marriage through counseling. At Arkansas Relationship Counseling Center, we proudly offer this service to provide another avenue of access to helpful counseling.

In today’s technologically advanced society, it makes sense that online counseling would become a valuable tool for those in need of therapy. Online therapy, sometimes called telepsychology because it can be delivered via a telecommunication device or tool, presents a viable option for those who are in need of therapy services but cannot make it into a counselor’s office for a session for whatever reason. At Arkansas Relationship Counseling Center, we are proud to offer this innovative counseling option. Read on to learn more about online therapy and what makes it effective.

What is Online Therapy?

Online therapy is exactly what you might imagine. You and your spouse access online counseling, complete with an online therapist, from the comfort of home, or wherever else you can tap into internet access. It is important to note that although these sessions take place online, they can still be held face-to-face. Arkansas Relationship Counseling Center offers online counseling through live chats, journaling, video sessions, or email.

Is Online Therapy Effective?

You might wonder if an online session would be as effective as one completed in-office. It seems to be just as effective for couples who are truly committed to working through their marriage issues. Although you will be meeting online instead of in person, you will still gain great insight into your individual problems through your online counselor.

How is Online Therapy Especially Helpful?

Online therapy sessions are especially helpful for couples who have difficulties attending traditional counseling sessions. The following are a few benefits this type of therapy has verus in-person sessions:

  • Convenience: Taking time away from a workday or coming into a counselor’s office can be difficult for some couples, especially those with demanding jobs or young children. The convenience online sessions provide is a big advantage to this type of therapy.
  • Comfort: Some people might feel a little odd about going to counseling. The idea of sitting in front of a stranger and talking through their problems is simply intimidating. For them, online therapy can be a viable option that allows them to remain in their comfort zone while getting the help they need. Participating in online sessions is particularly well received by those in the younger generation who use technology on a regular basis.

The information above outlines the benefits of online therapy sessions and explains how they can help you and your spouse work through your marriage difficulties. Contact us at (501)-222-3463 or visit the Arkansas Relationship Counseling Center website to get your online sessions started and to receive a free consultation. Time is of the essence. Do not waste another minute that you could be using to repair your relationship.

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