Learn how individual counseling can provide you or a loved one with much needed anger management help. At Arkansas Relationship Counseling Center, we provide a wide range of therapies for anger management, including an online therapist and more.

We all get angry sometimes when life just does not go how we want or expect it to, and things are not fair. In some cases, anger can even be a healthy emotion. However, a true anger problem is more significant than just getting frustrated or letting your emotions fly on occasion. Therefore, while contemplating a therapist in Little Rock AR, you should consider the following seven signs that your anger issues could benefit from anger management help:

Seven Common Signs You Need Anger Management Help

    1. You Become Aggressive: If your anger escalates to verbally abusive tirades aimed at those you love the most, road rage incidents, or holes in the wall, your anger has turned to out-and-out aggression and this is a sign you need help. Anger management will work with you, teaching you to recognize your triggers and prevent your anger from turning to aggression.
    2. You Become Passively Aggressive: Passive aggression looks a bit different than violent anger. It will not be loud or attract attention. With this type of anger expression, you might skip school or work or participate in other behaviors that only seemingly harm yourself. You might also alienate your friends or family and not handle social situations well.
    3. You Blame Others: Melinda Smith M.A. and Jeanne Segal Ph.D say the following about this sign of an anger issue, “When anything bad happens or something goes wrong, it’s always someone else’s fault.” This tendency to blame others is of course is not healthy and anger management or individual counseling can help you own your issues and stop blaming others.
    4. You Get Mad Frequently: This sign might fit you if you find yourself becoming angry on a regular basis. Melissa Bienvenu of WebMD says, “Chronic, ongoing anger can tear down your relationships, job, social life, reputation…. even your health.” Suffice it say, it is not healthy.
    5. You Overreact: Life can be tough, sure. However, when you find yourself overreacting to your circumstances, this could be a sign of an anger issue. Blowing up over minor issues will only frustrate you further. Thankfully, anger management can help you learn to avoid overreaction.
    6. You Stay Angry: Not only do you get angry easily, you stay angry for too long when you have an anger problem. This festering anger that stays for days on end is of course unhealthy, and can lead to all kinds of problems in your relationships.
    7. Take The Test: If you still are unsure if anger management is needed in your case, take this test by Psychology Today to learn more about your anger issue.

At Arkansas Relationship Center, we provide caring and confidential individual counseling created to get you back to living your best life. An anger issue is nothing to be ashamed of, yet it is also nothing that should be ignored. By embracing the help provided at our center, either in person or through an online therapist, you can transform your anger issue and start living a healthier existence. If you are looking for a therapist in Little Rock, AR, contact us today by calling (501)-222-3463 for more information.

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