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Every marriage goes through rough times as well as happy ones. Often, couples have difficulty understanding when their troubles have become serious and require professional assistance.

Fortunately, you can identify certain common signs that indicate you need the help of a marriage counselor. If you are experiencing these difficulties, Arkansas Relationship Center can help.

1. Frequent Arguments

Every couple argues, often over seemingly small things such as how to hang the toilet paper or how to separate the laundry. If you are continually bickering over the same things or the arguing has increased to much bigger things, you should consult with a marriage counselor. Often, deeper issues are the true cause of these arguments, and they need to be addressed.

2. Lack of Physical Intimacy

A strong marriage requires physical intimacy. If you and your partner are experiencing difficulties in this area, you need to seek counseling. You may experience a sudden rift in the frequency of your intimacies, or they may gradually decline. In either instance, it is cause for concern. Problems in your marriage may affect your sex life, and a poor sex life causes other problems. You need help to get to the bottom of these difficulties.

3. Life Changes

Even strong marriages can be rocked by major life occurrences. A death in the family, or a job change can trigger emotional problems that affect the bond with your partner. Physical illness, retirement, the birth of children: they all can put a strain on your relationship. A qualified therapist can help you both cope with all kinds of changes that may be effecting your marriage.

4. Poor Communication

If you and your spouse simply do not talk much, it is a sign that your marriage may not be very strong. You may simply not talk about anything of substance. Simply saying “Good morning” and “Will you stop at the store?” is not enough to keep a marriage working.

5. Keeping Secrets

While you do not have to tell your partner every single thing you do, deliberately keeping secrets about significant actions or events is a clear warning sign that your relationship may be in trouble. If you find yourself keeping your spending, drinking, or other relationships secret, you need to examine why. A marriage counselor can help.

If you are experiencing any of the above problems with your marriage, contact Arkansas Relationship Counseling Center by calling (501)-222-3463. With locations in both Little Rock and Benton, experienced staff can help you and your partner reestablish a healthy relationship.

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